Overwhelmed By Clutter?


Our peer-based support group can help! You are not alone!

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You CAN Do This!

(an excerpt from The Declutter Coach’s web site)

September 2018

No matter how much clutter you have, how long you’ve had it, and how many times you’ve failed at decluttering, this time can be different!!

Welcome to the place where you tackle your clutter by tackling:

  1. Your thoughts
  2. Then your words
  3. Then your actions

Here you’ll find articles that will help you change your thoughts and the things you say to yourself so that you can take small steps that will make a big difference.

You won’t find ‘look at this mess’ pictures because I don’t think everyone needs to see everyone else’s worst room. You won’t find a silly picture of a woman sitting on a couch with a few things around her and a caption about ‘when the clutter is too much’. People overwhelmed with clutter would love to have a couch with just a few things on it! And you definitely won’t see any articles about clearing ANY ROOM out in a day, a weekend, or a week. Because clutter problems run deeper than that.

You will find specific suggestions that you may, or may not want to try. That’s fine! If something sounds like it might work, give it a try! If something sounds absolutely wrong for you, ignore it! There are all sorts of people who are impacted by hoarding behaviors, and there are solutions that work better for some people than others. All I ask is that you keep hoping and keep trying. No one is too far gone. There is hope for everyone to live in a home that feels comfortable, safe, and welcoming. Let’s work together to figure out how that works for you.

The Declutter Coach
Real Solutions to Overwhelming Clutter


See Louie’s poem!

Some News From A Friend (named Gloria)



You Might Be A Clutterer If:

 1. You feel overwhelmed by your clutter.

 2. You have tried to clean up or organize repeatedly, with no lasting results.

 3. You are ashamed to have guests over.

 4. It is harder to concentrate at home than in the outside world.

 5. You buy more of everything because “you never know when you’ll run out”.

 6. You have extra copies of books, software, clothing, tools, etc., because you can’t find what  you already own.

 7. Your partner expressed dismay about the way you live.

 8. You hang onto broken items because “They might come in handy”… or “I’ll fix it someday”.

 9. You feel like there’ll never be enough for you.

10. You believe that you don’t deserve any better than what you have.    


26 Comments on “Overwhelmed By Clutter?

  1. Hello,
    My husband is not quite a hoarder but he has accumulated a lot of stuff aka clutter over the 30 years that we’ve been married. I feel overwhelmed by my own clutter as well. Is there any support group for the partners of “clutterers”? Thanks, Pam

  2. You are welcome to attend, but
    Our group is for the Clutterer, themself,
    who are ready to change their life.

  3. Hi, my son is a clutterer having 6 out of the 10 symptoms listed. His work schedule conflicts with when the meetings are held as he works evenings. Are there other times when the the group meets? Or, do you know if there are other local groups preferably located in Contra Costa County?

  4. Hello – Do you provide any resources/recommendations to assist seniors with slowly de-cluttering their home? I have a mother in the Dublin area and am looking for resources to assist her – she is 81.

  5. Don’t know where to turn , where to go, paralyze s by fear of someone finding out. Have mice . Live in a town house.

  6. Hi all,

    If anyone would like some help/motivation to get rid of stuff, I’d love to help. You can pay me, or not, totally up to you, I just find this kind of thing incredibly rewarding. Once I spent a few hours helping someone who posted about a hoarding problem on Craigslist. He told me his story, and we filled about 18 giant trash bags full of stuff to donate in a single morning, it was pretty cool. I know there must be more people out there who could use some help, just email me 🙂


  7. Hi, I am appreciative of Ellen’s message in the above posting. I feel very rewarded in that same kind of accomplishment. Organize is my middle name! I would love to work with anyone who needs the help. Whether it be a small job like a drawer or a closet or as big as a room. Please email me if you need to hire a great worker. My name is Cindy. So do I attend a meeting to get started.

  8. How would one get ahold of Ellen or Cindy, the ones who would like to help, since their email addresses aren’t published? (I’m coming to the meeting tomorrow but I’ll probably forget to ask then…

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