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ClutterLess East Bay

We are a peer-based self-help support group located in Pleasanton, CA. Our weekly meetings are open to all who want to change their cluttering behavior on a deeper level than just learning how to organize. We meet every Monday to share information and help keep each other on track in moving forward in dealing with our clutter.

By attending regular support meetings, we maintain decluttering momentum. We talk about why we clutter and how to get started with sorting and disposing of unused and unwanted items. We learn from other members how they overcame the same challenges. We didn’t get this way overnight and we won’t get “cured” by one meeting. Having other members to talk to who understand helps us get past the feeling of being isolated and overwhelmed that so often keeps us from getting started. We are a friendly, nonjudgmental group that keeps our meetings helpful and positive.

We are not affiliated with any other organizations. We do no engage in controversy and do not support any cause other than supporting fellow members on their journeys to clutter free lives. If you are one of us, you are welcome!

Email Contacts: info@clutterlesseastbay.org                      clutterlesspleasanton@hotmail.com

Also see our National website at         www.ClutterLess.org             for more information,

ClutterLess East Bay Brochure

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