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ClutterologyAuthor, speaker and professional organizer, Nancy Miller offers a great deal of helpful information on her web site With over twenty plus years developing her expertise in Clutterology, Nancy has established herself like a rock star in personal organizing. She have acquired awards in the field like the golden statue stars for “International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs” honors.  This recognition garners a lot of fame and  her name draws a lot of attention.

Some of the written pieces where she has been highlighted include:

Organization 101

Peninsula Author Wages War Against Clutter

La Opinion


What is Clutterology® 

Time is money. Time allows us to do what we enjoy.

When you are spending all your time swimming through unorganized files or digging out your wardrobe from piles in your closet, you are losing time, money, creating energy-draining stress and may even feel you’re losing your mind.
Have you tried to get organized before?
Have you read books on getting organized that didn’t help?
Is the clutter in your life causing CHAOS?

I work with people who want to organize their home or office space so they can enjoy their life, their relationships, and their time.

Clutterology is a Los Angeles based business providing services in California as well as nationally and internationally.

Let the Clutter Bug Take A Bite Out of Your Clutter!


Articles by Nancy

Here’s the list of articles which could help you organize effectively:


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flyladyLooking for daily tips and encouragement to keep on track in decluttering? Try this web site!




Junk HaulerNeed someone to pick up your unwanted junk & haul it away? Contact one of these local junk haulers!